City South CoverHistory In this line of work: Eighteen years of service, eight years at Lyn-Lake-which is hard to believe.

What drew him to this vocation: I was a laid-off corporate banker and I d I wanted a change. So I went to the Minnesota School of Barbering. My brother and his wife are barbers, and I enjoy new challenges … and barbering was certainly a challenge after banking. There's something relaxing about going to a barber, and being a barber And I make a very nice living.

Jayson in The RakeHealth insurance benefits: I have my own health care coverage.

Fringe benefits or perks: I love my customers, and the many walks of life they represent When I bought this shop it had been in the neighborhood since 1961 and some of the clients have been coming her since then. I've seen them come and go, seen them pass away.

Education and employment background: I was educated at the Minnesota School of Barbering.

Drawbacks, hassles, or hazards of the Job: [Laughs] You stand all the time. A lot. Occasionally you get the odd haircut and you have to deal with people's varied moods. You can't have thin skin. People can't always be nice. And at first, when I began working at Lyn-Lake, the regular clientele thought I was too young. But over time, they saw I was good at what I do. You have to pay close attention, and listen to what people want

Interests outside of work: I love the local music scene-that's definitely a hobby. I garden, work on my property-I own a duplex, and take care of that And I love to dance, though I'm getting too old for the nightclub scene. Local theater is also great

Family: Just me. And Lyn-Lake Lola, my Chihuahua.

Housing: I own a duplex in South Minneapolis.

Transportation: I drive to work. I

What he wanted to be as a child: I wanted to be an actor. That dream gets fulfilled a little bit every time we do our print advertisements- we get the photos done once a year.

What else, if anything, he'd rather be doing:  Be on vacation. I love to travel but don't get I enough time to do it my schedule just doesn't allow it.

Where he sees himself in five years: I'd like to retire-I'm not as young as I look. But I'd like to have the money to be able to travel and do what I want

Income or salary: I make a good living.